Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Utah beer laws in The New York Times

I was a little surprised to discover the Happy Valley of my childhood mentioned in a New York Times article, but it made more sense when I learned the article was about a controversial vote over allowing alcohol sales. Last year the city council of Hyde Park, just south of the Idaho border in Cache Valley, voted 3-2 to allow  beer sales at Maverick, only the convenience store in town. Then several of the town's 3,900 residents gathered enough signatures to temporarily block the new ordinance.

My Dad's back porch in North Logan, Utah
It was strange reading about Cache Valley in the New York Times, because my friends and I are planning on opening a brewery there, Cache Valley Brewing Company. That project has been brewing on the back burner for a while now, and is bubbling over with possibilities.

However, that project will just have to wait until I have finished my documentary about next year's annual Pliny the Younger release at Russian River Brewing Company next February in Santa Rosa, California.

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