Thursday, August 14, 2014

Frank Herbert, craft beer photojournalist

I took a short break from this blog to complete school - and to finish my first book!

Before Frank Herbert wrote "DUNE" and became a best-selling sci-fi writer, he wrote for The Santa Rosa Press Democrat from April 1949 to September 1953. I spent the last couple months going through old microfilm records, and compiled 138 lost news articles written by Frank Herbert.

Most amazing, I found a couple photos "by Frank Herbert" highlighting the local craft beer industry, back in 1952. On photo bears the caption, "Truckload of hop vines is swung into automatic stripper." The hops must flow!

Another photograph Frank Herbert took show a troop of Boy Scouts boarding a bus. Shown clearly in the background is the old Grace Brothers Beer sign, which proudly proclaims, "Product of Sonoma County." In the last couple years here in Sonoma County, a huge push has begun to promote our local wine, beer and cheese.  Not only is this local movement older than people think, but it was documented by a famous sci-fi writer!

I'm publishing a first edition of 1,000 copies, and set up an Indiegogo project to fund it. If you have friends who love science fiction, you should tell them about this book of Frank Herbert's Lost Archives:

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